My children, I have called you to greatness. I have not given you a spirit of fear or timidity. You are called sons, and daughters of the most high God, and I have called you out to fulfill the destiny that I have spoken over you. Do not give in or give up for you are about to enter into your manifest destiny to bring My kingdom to this world. 

Who is man or the enemy to stand against Me? Am I not God? Who are these who stand against Me? They are but a vapor to Me. I will have My way with them, and My agenda will go forward despite what you hear, and see from the fake media. 

My children, I’ve got this! I want you to stand, and believe in Me for My ways are higher than your ways, My thoughts are higher than your thoughts. Listen to My true prophets for I have shown them My heart for My creation, and for My church. 

A change is coming to the culture of this land. It is My kingdom culture that will be established according to My will, and ways, but I need you to stand firm, and pray it in! You have the authority to do this for I have given it to you. 

I am a good father, and can be trusted to come through for you. Be at peace, and know that I am absolutely for you.


Daddy God

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