Do not be afraid of the 270. 

I, the Lord, have set into place who I want to be over this nation. Despite what you are being told by false media that your fate is sealed, and it falls into the enemy’s hand, it is a lie to bring you into doubt, and fear. Do not listen to them for I, the Lord, have spoken My truth over this nation. 

I have heard the prayers of My people, and I am responding to them. I have not given up on this United States of America. You are a destiny nation which I have set aside for My glory. Do not be deceived by false reports for I have spoken My truth over this nation, and I will see to it that it comes to pass. 

What I need from My saints is prayer, and faith that I, your Lord, am bigger than the 270 (electoral college votes). I, your Lord, will be your champion . Do not give into fear or disbelief. That is what the enemy wants. 

Do not give up or give in, but take courage for I am about to do amazing things that will take this nation the direction I want. I am the Lord of Hosts, and I will not be mocked. 

My intentions are for your good, and I have not given up on you or this nation. This I have declared by My great name.


Daddy God

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