I have heard the cries, and prayers of My people, and I am acting on them. I am taking My church to a new level of intimacy with Me.

In the days ahead a shift is about to happen that will change everything. It will bring about a major shift on how My Kingdom business is done. It will be on earth as it is in My heaven. Access to My Kingdom will be open to those who call Me Lord, and mean it. It will not be as it was before.

I will give My children what they need to bring My Kingdom to earth, and it will not be a difficult thing. I am giving My children great authority to move what needs to be moved, to heal what needs to be healed, to change what needs to be changed, to restore what needs restoring. All of this, and more can be done in the name of Jesus Christ My son.

With this higher authority you must be all in with My agenda. I will not compromise with sin, and neither should you. It is sheep, and goat time. Either you are for My Kingdom or not.

I am looking for those who are all onboard with following Me. I want a pure, and spotless Bride, because that is what is required for the days ahead.

Know that I am for you, and that you are loved. Follow Me!


Daddy God

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