Heads up, loved ones! I, your Lord, have spoken activation of many miracles for your days ahead. This is not a drill nor will it be unnoticeable, for I am on the move. It’s by My spirit that this will take place. I have spoken activation over those things that I have spoken over you individually, and corporately.

I will move in ways that will be new to you, and in ways that will amaze, and astound. I will establish the fear of the Lord among My people. I will bring correction to those things that run contrary to My word. I will have a clean house, for I will occupy My house, and it will be as I want it to be without spot or wrinkle.

I am setting up house in My body, (living temple), for I know the hearts, and minds of My creation, and I know where they are, and where they are headed. Nothing can be hidden from Me. Not on this earth, or in My heavens. There are no secrets that I am not aware of.

I know that I know the destinies of everything that I have created. Am I not God? Don’t be afraid, loved ones. What you see going on around you are birth pangs of My kingdom on earth. I am in the process of cleaning My house, and bringing those things that will set My sheep apart from the goats, and the wheat from the tares.

A line has been drawn between two kingdoms. One kingdom leads to life, the other to destruction. Such is the time that we are entering into. As your Lord I will no longer tolerate the blending of the two. There will be no compromise. You must choose whose kingdom you will serve.

I will honor those who honor Me, and reject those who reject Me. The choice is yours to make. I choose to speak abundant life over you, but you must choose who you will serve in the days ahead.


Daddy God

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