I am about to show up, and show off with a scope that is off the charts. What I am bringing will leave no doubt of who I am. You are about to witness the power of an awesome God who is acting in great authority. 

I am going to be breaking out all over. No nation or authority can stand against Me, and My agenda. I will cut them off, and bring My plans, and purposes forward just as I have spoken. 

My words are not void. They are alive, and have great power. The enemy is at his wits end trying to stop Me, but to no avail. A mega manifestation is currently in the works that will wreak the enemies agenda. It will not be good for him, but it will be good for My church, and creation. 

I am raising up sheep nations that will be in line with My agenda. I am bringing correction where it is needed, and healing to the nations. I will restore those things that the enemy has stolen from My people. I will not be lax in this for I have given My solemn word to restore, and I fully intend to do this. 

The writing is on the wall from the God of heaven, and earth. I do this because I love you, and I fully intend to follow through with My word that I have spoken over you. I will be faithful to you in this! 

Do not doubt My goodness, and heart in what I am about to do. Look to Me for I am your true answer, and I am about to manifest in a way never witnessed or experienced before. You can count on it!


Daddy God

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