Dynamics: A force that stimulates change within a system or process. A state of balance, or equilibrium. A pattern of progress of change, growth or activity. From the Greek, dynamics comes from dunamis which is power. 

Get ready for change. I, your Lord, am about to bring a new way of doing kingdom  business. It will not be business as usual. A dynamic shift is about to happen within My church. 

Get ready to be turned on, tuned in, tuned up, and turned loose. I am bringing a new dynamic to My children. You are about to be supercharged by My Holy Spirit; a new way of doing kingdom business. 

I am giving you a new sense of balance to know Me, and My ways, and My heart toward you, and My creation. I am going to give you greater authority, and the correct balance on how to carry it, and use it. This is so you can stay in tune with My Holy Spirit. You need this to stay turned on for My kingdom. 

This kingdom dynamic will give you the equilibrium to have, and to hold the dunamis  power I am releasing from My kingdom. 

Know this, My beloved, a major shift is about to take place, and it will be very noticeable. It will not be hidden, and you cannot miss it. You are about to experience an “in your face God” reality. I am moving My kingdom forward. 

I will never retreat or go back on My truth that I have spoken over My church, and creation. 


Daddy God

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