1. Pandemic: Widespread, prevalent, universal, rampant, global.
  2. Enveloped: Surround, cover, enwrap, swaddle.
  3. Mandate: An official order, or commission to do something. 
  4. Manifest destiny: Destined by God to expand His dominion.
  5. Godemic: You will truly know the heart of the Father.

You have had a pandemic. Now prepare for a Godemic. I am going to be quite contagious. 

There is much activity going on in My heaven. My son, Jesus, commander of heaven’s armies, is handing out last-minute instructions, and strategies, and pointing out landing places for this Godemic that is about to manifest. You will not want to wear a mask for this, because I am about to breathe on you the fresh fire of My Holy Spirit. I want you to take it in, breathe deep My beloved. I want you to be fully enveloped by My Holy Spirit. 

Rest in My love, and truth that I have spoken over you. This is My manifest destiny for you, My bride. Trust Me to take you beyond your expectations. You are going to have a new look. It will not be business as usual. I am redefining what My true church looks like. 

This is My kingdom mandate. I will take you where I want you to be, and you will operate on a whole new level of kingdom authority. This I have decreed, and declared over you, My beloved. I am on the move in a mighty way. What you see going on around you is very small compared with what I am bringing. 

Be at peace, and trust Me to fulfill My word over you for it is about to manifest. 


Daddy God

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