Tell My people to pray it forward. Pentecost is approaching. This is the time to pray My agenda forward for what I am bringing is a definite game changer. I am bringing correction to those things that run contrary to My plans, and purposes. I am going to speak to those things that have run interference with My agenda. 

I am restoring those things that the enemy has tried to take from you. He thinks he is winning, but he is going to be very disappointed. I have not appointed you to defeat, but to victory. Those of you who seek Me, and My kingdom will surely see it. I see what’s in your heart, mind, and soul. Nothing escapes My attention. I know those who are a true heart. 

My true hearts are My sweethearts, and these are the ones I will trust with the things of My kingdom. I am about to release a power, and authority that will trump anything that man, or the enemy can bring against you. True, and complete recompense is coming to My bride. A full restoration of those things that will help move My agenda forward, for I am going after the nations. 

Do not fear the works of man, and the enemy. Look to who brings you truth, and salvation to your situations, and circumstances. I, your Lord, will not be still. I am acting on My word on behalf of My bride. 

Do not fear, do not lose hope, for your king husband is standing by your side, and I will deliver on all I have spoken over you, for I speak nothing but truth, and it will surely come to pass. Look to Me, My true hearts. Keep your hearts, and minds on Me for your day of redemption is at hand. 



Daddy God  

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