I AM TAKING OUT THE HIGH PLACES (2 Chronicles 20:32-33

I am taking out the high places in the hearts, and minds of My people. The remnant that is following Me, their Lord. As it was in the days of the kings of Judah, the people had not set their hearts on Me, their God, because of the high places. Idols that they did not want to give up. I am a jealous God, and you will have no other gods before Me. I am going to invade your hearts, and minds. I am seeking true repentance from My people. The church will not look as it has been. 

I am yanking out those things that have hindered you in the past that have kept you from fulfilling the destiny that I have spoken over you. This is not an empty promise! I will certainly do it! I am reestablishing the fear of the Lord among My people, and over My creation. I will not be taken lightly. My word is truth, and it will certainly come to pass. 

I want all of you to be sold out to Me. Do not hold anything back. I will take all of you, and transform you into the glorious bride I have called you to be. I will take the fear of man, and the enemy out of you, and give you a kingdom boldness that the enemy, and man cannot defeat. Your destiny is much more than what you could imagine, or ask for, because I am the great designer. I know you inside, and out, for I made you. My plans, and purposes for you are a perfect fit. I saw you before you existed, and I have called you out for such a time as this. I am always on time, and I will perfect My bride. She will be clean, and spotless for the days ahead. There will be no compromise with the enemy or man. 

My agenda is, and will go forward just as I have planned it. I am never taken unaware. There are no, “I didn’t see that coming” for me for I am the Lord. Do not be afraid, loved ones, for I am absolutely for you, and My heart is to see you enter into all that I have for you. Trust, and rest in Me, and the word I have spoken over you for it is good.


Daddy God

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