I am establishing My church. I have a remnant whose focus is on Me, and My agenda. They are ready to move forward with My plans, and purposes for these are the days of Elijah. 

I am lifting up those who are ready to follow Me. I am establishing a Kingdom Culture in their hearts, and minds. A release of My truth will become firmly established in them that they will lay down those things that have no kingdom value, and pursue those things that do. I am going to follow through with what I have spoken over My bride, and it will manifest on a level never seen or experienced on this earth before. This is a for certain event that will be witnessed on a worldwide level. 

Don’t fall for the lies of the enemy that it can’t happen, there’s too much, or it’s too big for me to handle. I laugh at the enemy, and mans endeavors to stop My plans, and purposes from going forward. They labor in vain, for My truth, and justice are firmly established over My creation. I will do what I have set out to do. There will be no stopping Me. 

I want you to know that what I have spoken over you, and My church, is a done deal even though you have not seen it yet. Do not fear for I have not missed anything or been caught off-guard. I will bring My agenda to the forefront just as I have planned it. Be at peace, and rest in Me, your Lord. Trust in Me to take you to the place I want you to be. My plans, and purposes for you are for your ultimate good. I will follow through. You can be certain of a manifestation of My love to those who follow Me. 

I will establish My Kingdom Culture in your hearts, and minds. It is your reality in the days ahead. I am about to breathe on your dry bones. A new life in power, and authority, are becoming part of your kingdom nature. I have spoken, and it will be so. 


Daddy God

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