Get ready for a new form of Kingdom Clarity. It is, and will look, as I designed it to be. I am bringing a new focus, and a new look, to My Bride. The old will fall away; she is getting a spiritual makeover. It will not be as it has been. She will have new priorities that will line up with Mine, your Lord. This will be a different way to be about My business.

I am taking you out of your boxes, and giving you freedom from the fear of man, and the enemy. A new way of operating in My spirit. A supernatural boldness is being released to My church that the enemy, or man, will not be able to stop. You will shed those things that have held you back in the past.

You will have a whole new look that will define what My heart is for My creation, and My children. This reality is very close for those who pursue My ways, and My agenda. I am not only giving a new look to My church, but I am giving a new vision to her that will give her Kingdom Clarity. There will not be any compromise with things of this world that are not of My spirit. There will be a line of demarcation between the wheat and tares, the sheep, and the goats. This will happen on the local level, and on the national level.

I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of a sound mind, and a pure heart. This is how it is going to be. I keep My word to My beloved. You can be sure I will follow through with My truth that I have spoken over you. This is not fiction, but it is truth that I have declared over you. It is about to manifest, and I am declaring the reality of My word over My creation.

I am coming in a way that will show My power, and glory, and the manifestation of My Kingdom over My creation.


Daddy God

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