I am setting up a harmonious revelation for My people. I am moving My body into the next phase of kingdom development. It will be an eyeopener for many for I am releasing many things that will bring My people into kingdom alignment. I am moving to bring My church into My timeline. There will be no more delay in My plans, and purposes for My children or creation.

There is going to be an acceleration of My agenda in the days ahead. You will bear witness to this very soon for I am going to move in a scale never seen on this earth before. I will overturn those things that need My correction. I will tear down what the enemy has built up, and build up those things that bring harmony to My kingdom. In other words, I am tuning up My church for the destiny that I have spoken over her. Remember, My word never returns to Me void. I will act on My word, and you will experience that reality.

I am moving ahead with what has been spoken. It is a reality that will activate My Bride to become who I have called her to be. It will not be as it has been. I am bringing correction where it is needed. Those who choose to follow Me must be all in. You cannot take the old with you for I am doing a new thing. I will pour out My spirit as never before, but you must be able to receive it.

The old wineskin will leak, and not hold what I am pouring out. I have a new one for you, but you must choose to let Me lead with My holy spirit. Lay down old agendas that do not line up with Mine. You need to come into compliance with My kingdom agenda. This is a requirement for you to be able to move forward into all that I have for you. I am giving you a “head’s up” for the “tune up” that is about to manifest in My body, (church).

Know that you are loved, and I have not given up on you. I see your future, and it is good according to My plans, and purposes for you. Trust, and follow Me.


Daddy God

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