Do not fear, I’ve got this. Many things are being spoken that generate fear, but I say, “Fear not!”

Are the plans, and purposes of the enemy, and man, big enough to thwart My plans, and the truth that I have spoken over the nations, and My church? My word will come to pass, but My church must be willing to take on a new look according to My design. This is not about individual freedoms, platforms, ministries, or gifts. This is about laying down anything that has become an idol in your life.

You shall not have any other gods before me. I am the only one, and true God. I will not compete with false gods. I want you to lay down those things that have become an idol in your life at My feet. I am about to do an extreme makeover in My church, and I want you free from the yoke of this world, the fear of man, and of the enemy. I am going to give you a light yoke that will be a joy to carry, and that will equip you for the mission I have for you to do. I want to wrap you in mantles of humility, and love, so that your attention will be on Me, your Lord, and not on yourselves. Your focus needs to be on Me, and not on your circumstances, and situations.

There are going to be trying days ahead, and you need to be in lockstep with Me. I tell you this not to make you fearful, but to give you a hope, and a future. Know that I will fulfill those things I have spoken over you. I do not lie to My children. I am not setting you up for a fall, for I have spoken My redeeming truth over you, and I never go back on My word to you, My Beloved.

Trust Me, and let Me do the heavy lifting. Rest in My promises, and truth, for it will surely come to pass.


Daddy God

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