You are in the midst of deep transition, both in heaven and on earth. My kingdom is coming to this earth in a fashion that has never been witnessed on this earth.

I am moving heaven, and earth to bring My word, and agenda to the forefront. My will, My ways, and My timing are coming into fruition. The enemy, and those who follow him, cannot and will not stop Me or My word from coming to pass.

My church is going to come out of this transformed into the true definition of how My kingdom operates, and what it looks like. It is a demarcation of what was into what will be. There is not going to be anymore compromise with the ways of man or the enemy. I will have a clean, and spotless bride that will operate with My kingdom characteristics.

You, My Beloved, have nothing to fear other than the fear of the Lord. I am doing things that will change your situations, and circumstances. I am conditioning you to walk, and operate as a true son or daughter of the most high God.

This is a time of reset, restart, and reconditioning for I will be faithful to fulfill the destinies that I have spoken over you at all levels of your lives both individually, and corporately.


Daddy God

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