This is for My children. I have not abandoned you, or left you to manage on your own. This virus is not of My making, but I will certainly use it to glorify My name, and to take My agenda forward to bring My Kingdom to the forefront. 

My plans, and purposes for My church, and creation are at the boiling point. Things are ready to go. This is not the end, but the beginning of a manifestation  of My Kingdom that has never been witnessed before on this earth.

I am the one who created heaven, and earth. I am the one who defines what the future is for My creation. I don’t want you to walk in fear for I have a destiny planned out for you that I, your Lord, has certified. 

My words, and promises are true, and complete, and you will experience My fresh fire very soon. It will put the winds of faith into your sails. It will refresh you body, soul, and spirit. I will accomplish all I have said I would do, because of who I am. 

Trust Me, rest in Me. I speak My truth, and peace over you, Beloved, for My word over you is true, and firm. Do not let your situations, and circumstances alarm you. Be at peace, for I am the answer you are looking for, and I will respond to the prayers of My people.


Daddy God

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