I, your Lord, have heard your “May Days”. Your pleas for mercy, and justice over those things that have been a thorn in your side. I know of your situations, and circumstances. I have heard your “May Days” for help. I am about to address these things with My full authority of righteousness, and love. 

I love My children, and I fully intend to address the issues in your life. Those things that have been blocking are about to become as dust, from solid to vapor. I am removing the walls that have been blocking. As it was with Joshua and Jericho, so it will be with you. 

You have been silent long enough. You have gone around the mountain enough. It’s time to turn, and shout for your victory is at hand. I am about to bring the walls down. I, your Lord, have given you full authority, and permission to be all I have called you to be, true sons and daughters of the most high God. I have not given you a spirit of fear, but one of life, love, and power. It will not be as before for My intentions are for the ultimate good of My Bride, and creation. 

You are not in this alone. There are no lone rangers in My kingdom. I am bringing unity in a way that has never been seen or experienced before. There will be a true unity in My body that cannot be broken, for My spirit will rest upon My Bride as never before. It is a heaviness of My truth, and love that will permeate My body that will bring an adhesion of true unity. 

This is My word to you, beloved. It is My full intention to follow-through with My promises to you. As your heavenly father you are treasured, and loved. 


Daddy God 

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