In the coming days you will see, and experience, a Kingdom transition. The disposition of this will depend on where your heart, and priorities are. 

I need children who want to go where their Papa God is leading them. This position must be one of humility, and yielding to My Holy Spirit in order to receive what I have for you. This is the position you must walk in. 

I cannot, and will not give power, and authority to those who are not heart ready to receive what is coming. I will give power, and authority to those who are yielded to My agenda, and are ready to follow Me. This is not for the lukewarm or complacent. I need those who are qualified to receive a warrior’s heart for I am raising up a Warrior Bride that will operate in Kingdom power, and authority. 

I am doing a new thing that will surpass anything that you have experienced in the past. Your willingness to follow Me will take you beyond what you know. I am taking you to, and through, the unknown for this is going to be a new experience for My Bride. 

I am going to reveal myself to My Bride, and creation as never before. I am going to show up, and show off for the glory of My name. I am a good God, and My heart is for those who are seeking Me, and My ways. 

I will see to it that My Kingdom comes to the forefront in these coming days, and you will witness this very soon. Do not be afraid, but trust Me to take you beyond “your experiences”, and into My Kingdom destiny that I have for you. 


Daddy God 

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