DEMARCATION: A separation or boundary. The fixing of boundaries or limits.

It’s time, My loved ones. You need to choose who will you serve? I have set boundaries, and limits for My people. There will be a profound separation of kingdoms in the coming days. There will not be a blending of light, and darkness, or of good and evil. There will be no compromises between the two kingdoms. You cannot mix the two. They are like oil and water. 

I will not allow My Bride to be spotted or soiled. As I have stated in My word I will have a clean, and spotless Bride (church). I am moving My Church to a higher level. At this level you will operate at a much higher level of authority, and power. In order to do this, My people need to be sold out to Me, your Lord, and My agenda. This requires a laying down of your lives, agendas, personal comforts, and ambitions. I want you to trust Me, your Lord, to take you beyond the boundaries of your personal ambitions and goals. What I have for you will surpass anything that you have plans for. Let Me lead you into the fullness of the future that I have for you. I will give you My kingdom perspectives, and goals that will surpass anything that you could possibly believe for. 

Remember that My thoughts, and ways are higher than yours. It’s My desire to take you beyond the limits of what you know, and see into the reality of the destiny that I have for you. There will be a definite demarcation that will separate the sheep from the goats, and there will be no blending of the two. It’s coming, and you cannot avoid it. 

In the coming days it will become obvious whose house you serve. One will be blessed, and one will be cursed. It’s time to choose for it is coming soon. Know that you are loved, and as your Heavenly Father, I want the best for you, but it is your choice to make. 


Daddy God

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