What I am bringing is going to be an eyeopener for My Church, and creation. I know there have been many words spoken about new wine, and restoration, and it may seem like it will never arrive. It is coming, My Beloved. This you can be certain of for it is My desire that My children rise up into the destinies that I have spoken over them. 

My word stands firm, and true, and it cuts through any lies or deceptions that the enemy has put in place to deceive you. I AM that I AM, and I will do what I said  I would do. My plans, purposes, and destinies will advance, and it will be an eyeopener for many. My actions will wake up My Church. It will be a true reality for those who seek Me, and My Kingdom. 

I am not one who speaks, and does nothing to see My word advance for I speak a true and living word, and in itself it has the power to advance My Kingdom. When I speak I create. It is as real as the earth you are standing on. 

I will not be mocked not by the enemy or man. I will prove myself in the coming days, and you can be certain it will be “a real eyeopener”. There are going to be many speaking “only God could have done this” in the coming days. I will manifest as never before. This is My promise to you, My Beloved. Do not give in to your circumstances or what you see going on around you. 

I am the answer for I have all power, and authority to bring My justice, and truth to all circumstances both on a corporate, and individual level. You can be sure that I am on the move, and I am bringing the reality of My Kingdom to the nations of this world. 


Daddy God

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