I am going to accessorize My saints. I am releasing, and giving access to My saints. Those things that will empower them to move into realms that have not been accessible to them in the past. I am empowering My Church to move in a greater authority. This authority will go to those whose hearts and minds are kingdom centered. These are the ones who are walking in love, and true humility. 

I will give to those who are following My agenda the power, and authority to accomplish much for My Kingdom. They will be Papa-Powered. As your Heavenly Father I will release to those who follow Me various gifts, mantles, wisdom, knowledge, strategies, and ideas that will further My Kingdom. I will do this very soon. This is not a far off thing. It will not be as it has been, but I am taking you to higher realms in the days ahead. 

I am going to transform My Church, both on an individual level, and on a corporate level. I am going to move in ways that will bring Kingdom life to My Beloved. Access will not be denied or held back any longer. I have opened up doors, and gates to give My children access to those things that will equip them for the future that I have spoken over them. This is not more of the same. I am doing a new thing. This is beyond what you know or have experienced. 

I am bringing a new wine for those who are heart ready to receive what I have for them. Get ready to receive, My children, for in the days ahead you will see, and know the love of your Heavenly Father as never before.


Daddy God

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