There have been many mentions of “A New Normal” on the news in regards to the various news events they have been covering. 

I, your Lord, am bringing ‘A New Normal” to My Church. So often when they interview a person they often say “I never have seen it like this before”. So it will be with My new normal. 

What I am bringing will be beyond what people expect or have experienced before. It’s an unknown. It’s a new thing that I am releasing to My Church. It will be “A New Normal” for My people to walk in, and experience. You cannot define it with what you know or have experienced before. 

I am taking you beyond your “normal” into My “kingdom normal”. It’s beyond the limitations of what you know. It will stretch you into new beginnings, and beliefs of My unlimited love, and power that I have for you and My Church. I want you to trust My truth that I have spoken over you, and the destiny that I have declared over you. 

It’s My will, and My heart to lead you to still waters, and green pastures. I am your peace in a world that seems to have gone its own way. I am the one who sets the destinies of the nations. My word stands yesterday, today, tomorrow, and throughout eternity. 

My children, trust My truth that I have spoken over you, and My creation. I will certainly follow through with all I have for you. There will be no more delay with what I want to implement into the lives of My Beloved. You have My heart as I have yours. I am your Heavenly Father, and I am taking you into “A New Normal”.


Daddy God

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