Great favor is coming your way. You are well on the path of My uncompromising favor. I am opening doors of great favor over My children. This is not more wishful thinking, but it is a Kingdom fact, and reality that I am releasing to those who seek relationship with Me. 

I have heard the cries of My children, and I am acting to move them into the reality of being a part of My Kingdom. I am breaking down barriers of doubt that have plagued My children. I am removing the falsehoods, and lies that have kept My people from moving forward into the destinies that I have for them. 

Be of good cheer. Open your hearts to receive the great abundance that I, your Lord, have for you. Do not be dismayed with what you see going on around you, but look to Me for I am the answer both on a personal level, and a corporate level. I will come through for you. I know you have been waiting. I have not forgotten you.

In these days you will see the goodness of your Heavenly Father. My heart is to take you beyond the limitations of what you know, and into the limitless joy of the Lord for what I have for you is beyond your comprehension. It is something that will take you well past your expectations. 

I am a God who loves His children, and in the coming days I will prove Myself to you. I will restore what man, and the enemy has stolen from you. Full recompense is headed your way. I am for you, and I love you so be at peace, and rest in My promises over you for I will surely follow through in these days of uncompromising favor.


Daddy God

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