I will manifest Myself through My Church. I am about to do things that will bring a turnaround for My children. You are on the threshold of Kingdom greatness for the days ahead. I am bringing My truth, and justice that will bring this turnaround. 

I have released My angel restorers. There are many of them, and they are on assignment to help bring your destiny into alignment with My plans, and purposes for your future. Trust Me in this, My loved ones, for what I have for you is beyond your comprehension. It is a place that will bring you fulfillment as you have never known it before. 

This is the time of restoration for I will certainly do all that I have spoken over you both individually, and corporately. I am bringing this together from areas that looked closed to you, but I have opened doors to allow My word, and promises to flow as never before. I will uphold My word over you for I have decreed a Holy Destiny over you. 

I have not forgotten you, My beloved. It is still on. It’s going forward as I have designed it to do. Do not be distracted or afraid for as surely as My name is Jehovah, you will see the manifestations of My truth come to life that I have spoken over you. 



Daddy God

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