I’ve begun something that will bring My agenda to the forefront. I am breaking barriers that have impeded My Church from moving into her destiny. 

My truth, and justice are coming to bear on those things that have hindered My people. I will shake what needs to be shaken. I will open doors that need to be opened. I will close doors that need to be closed. 

I am taking action against those who have stood in the way of My Kingdom’s progress. It makes no difference if it is an individual, a group, or a nation’s government. I will subdue their agenda’s against My Church, and My plans, and purposes for her. I am raising up My bride to be what I have called her to be. 

I laugh at what man, and the enemy are trying to do. They are no match for Me, I AM THAT I AM. My words go forth like swords that will cut away the resistance that has kept My children from moving into what I have spoken over them. 

I will overcome any resistance the enemy or man brings against Me, and My agenda. I will prevail. This you can count on. I am a God of My word, and I will keep it. I am going forward with all that I have for My children. 

Look up, My children, for your redemption draws near. It’s a now time. No more delay. My word is a now word. I say what I mean, and I mean what I say! 

You, My love, are about to step into more than you could ask for or imagine. Your future is firm for I have spoken.


Daddy God

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