I am on the move in these days of Kingdom advancement. I am moving as never before. My plans, and purposes for the lives of My people will move into spiritual overdrive. In this I will bring the necessary things that will help My children accomplish their destiny that I have spoken over them. 

These are the days of Elijah. I will bring healing, and relationship to My family. As a father, I will restore the hearts of My children. I am moving on a massive scale that only I can do. My Church is going into a deep transformation that will change her into what My bride should look like. 

I have called you to a higher, and better way to bring My truth to My creation. Trust Me, your Lord, in this transformation. The old wine or ways will not take you where I want you to go. I want to give you new wine, and ways to advance My Kingdom in the direction I want you to go. This requires a laying down of your agendas, and trusting My agenda for you both on an individual, and a corporate level. 

This is decision time. Are you ready to give up those things that are holding you back from the destiny that I have for you? You cannot be complacent in this. You must choose for now is the time, My children. I am moving forward with My plans, and purposes for My Church, and creation. I fully intend to carry out what I have spoken over My creation. The choice is up to you as to what direction you go. 

Remember, My ways and thoughts are higher than your ways, and thoughts. Trust Me to take you to a destiny that is a custom-fit for you in the days ahead.


Daddy God

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