I am on the move. Things are going to shift quickly. Things that much prayer has been offered up on that seem to never get anywhere. Expect an answer. I have heard the prayers of My people, and I fully intend to follow-through with My answers for them. 

I am a God of breakthrough. I am leading the charge to bring into alignment those things that will lead to the destiny that I have spoken over you, My children. I am moving as never before. You will see, and experience things that are beyond your expectations. 

What I am bringing is a new definition of what My Church should look like. It’s living in the full authority of Kingdom life as you have never experienced it before. I am going to do things that will speak to the realness of Me, and My Kingdom. This is the time of, “Only God could have done this”. I will execute decisions that I have made for such a time as this. 

I am not caught off-guard or wringing My hands in worry. My children, I’ve got this, and I’ve got you. As surely as the sun rises so, too, you will see Me rise on behalf of My Church, and creation. I am a God of power, and might, and I am flexing My authority in ways that have never been witnessed before. You will see, and experience the goodness of your Heavenly Father on levels you thought were unattainable. There is nothing that will keep Me from moving ahead with My plans, and purposes for My beloved. 

My children, be of good cheer. I have heard your prayers, and I fully intend to act on them in the coming days.


Daddy God 

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