The days are drawing near for a download of My Holy Spirit that My Church has never experienced before. This will be obvious as the noonday sun. It will be beyond the norm. It has My fingerprints all over it, and My Church will know it. It’s by My spirit that this will come about. 

This is the time for transition. Things are about to turn around. I will allow no more delay. I am bringing recompense to My children. I will speak to the injustice that man, and the enemy have inflicted on My Church. I will address the issues that have tried to hinder My Kingdom from moving forward. I will bring My justice to it. I am sending the reign of My justice to quench the injustice of man, and the enemy. 

I am on the move, and I will not stand still any longer. I have seen, and heard the cries, and prayers of My saints, and I am responding to them. It is time for My Church to step into the destiny that I have for her. It’s a hold on time. Hold onto Me, My children. Trust, and rest in Me, your Lord. I am bringing a swift transition that will bring into alignment those things that I have spoken over My children, both on an individual, and corporate level. I am on the move, and you will experience this on a personal level. 

Very soon doors, and gates will be open that you have not had access to before. Do not be afraid to step through them for I will open what needs to be open, and close what needs to be closed. My heart is to take you beyond your expectations for yourselves, and into a fullness that will fill the voids of your heart, and soul. 

I want to complete you with an everlasting love that I have for you that only I can give you.


Daddy God 

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