I am the oasis of your heart, and mind. I want to take you into My perfect peace. Into a peace of your heart, and mind. It is a place of knowing Me intimately, a place of closeness with your creator, and savior. Come to Me, and drink of My goodness. 

I want you to know Me as never before. I want to take you beyond your expectations for what I have for you is a new wine. This is for those of you who choose to be a new wineskin. You cannot receive what I have for you doing business as usual. You have to be flexible, supple, and teachable. 

What I am releasing is for those who are sold out to Me. They have laid down their own agendas, and have picked up My agenda for their lives. Not all who say Lord, Lord are a part of My flock. I know the heart, and mind of men. I cannot be tricked or conned. I will bring My justice to those things that run contrary to My Kingdom. You will see this come to pass in the coming days. 

I am a God of love, grace, and mercy, but I am also a God of righteousness, and justice. These are all a part of My character. I am going to do what is necessary to bring My Kingdom agenda to the forefront. Not man or the enemy will keep Me from moving forward with My plans for My Church, the nations, or My creation. 

I AM THAT I AM. What I have spoken will surely come to pass in this season. There will be more shaking in the coming days. That is when you enter into My oasis that I have for your heart, and mind. 

Be at peace. Trust Me, and rest in My goodness. Do not be afraid, My children, for I am doing this for the good of My Church, and creation.


Daddy God

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