In the days ahead, I am moving you into a sweet transition. Your days of wondering when it will transpire are rapidly coming to a close. 

The course I have you on, both individually and corporately, are not going to be what you expect. It goes far beyond your expectations. My plans, and purposes for you have a Kingdom purity that only I can take you to. This purity is a Holy Spirit driven, and given, level that is attainable only through being sold out to Me. 

I am the bread of life. You must taste, and see through trusting, and resting in My goodness. I will take you to a new level of relationship with Me that will transform you into a new wineskin to receive the new wine that I have for you.

 I am taking My Church into a new level of power, and authority that will shake the foundations of hell. My Kingdom is advancing as never before. Despite what you see going on around you, My Kingdom will prevail. I am going to move in ways that will confound, and confuse the enemy. 

My children, you are entering into a great harvest of souls that I have decreed for this season. This is the time, My children, to let Me take you beyond your limitations, and into the destiny that I have spoken over you. 

My love for you, and My creation knows no bounds, and My heart is to see all who seek a relationship with Me come into the fullness that I have for them.


Daddy God

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