What I am bringing will take you beyond doubt. It will be an eyeopener, and a testimony of My power, and goodness over My Church, and creation. There will be no question of where it originates from, because I am the author of what is being released. It is beyond measure, and beyond man’s ability to create. 

I am He who speaks truth, and love over My children. My love for you is beyond measure, and what I have for you will reflect that. It is time for the great beyond to begin. What I have in mind for you is beyond your comprehension. You are entering into a new phase that will brush away the dry places, the loss of hope, and complacency. 

What I am bringing is a fulfillment of those things that I have spoken over you for this season. I am taking you out of a season of struggle, and into a season of fulfillment. The joy of the Lord is yours for I take great pleasure in bringing My word over you into a tangible reality of My goodness into your lives. 

My children, I have not forgotten you or My promises over you. Despite what you see going on around you, or your circumstances, I am more than able, and capable of taking you beyond them. 

Trust Me, loved ones, and let Me restore your joy, faith, relationships, health, and wealth to take you beyond the limitations of small thinking, and the lies that the enemy has spoken over you. I am bigger than any circumstances in your lives, and I will come through for you, because of who I am. 

Rest, and trust in Me, loved ones, to take you beyond your expectations.


Daddy God 

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