I am bringing to the forefront those things that will literally open the doors, and gates that you need to go through. You need not hesitate to step through those doors, and gates. 

I have given you permission to move forward into the destiny that I have for you. The things that have said, “You can not have become you can”. I am moving on behalf of My children, and I am moving in ways that will literally shake the foundations of those things that have kept you from moving forward. I am releasing new things that will bring a healing love of the Kingdom kind. A higher standard of love that brings healing, and unity to the body of Christ. 

This will happen very soon. Expect it! I am going to do this for My love for you, and creation is beyond measure. It is beyond anything ever witnessed, or experienced before. You will receive the full measure of My love. Your value to Me is beyond measure for I sent the perfect sacrifice, My Son Jesus, to be your atonement. 

You are moving to a higher place, and I am taking you there. You can be certain of it. I, your Lord, have moved you from can not to can do by My Holy Spirit. Change is coming in ways that will redefine My Church. Your agendas will change to line up with My agenda. True value will define the direction you will move in. Old priorities will be exchanged for new ones of true value. 

I am moving as never before. You will see, and experience the results of this. 


Daddy God

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