Activation of your destiny is at hand. This is not the time to throw in the towel, and give up. Your destiny is here, and activation is what I am speaking over you. 

I am the Lord, and I have not given up on you. My plans are to give you hope, and a future (Jeremiah 29:11). You are not missing it. It’s going forward, and very soon you will see an acceleration of those things that will move you into your destiny. 

I will remove what needs to be removed, and restore what needs to be restored. You will see this happening in a new way for I am bringing My answers in a creative way that will amaze, and astound My Church, and creation. I am going to move on the national level as well as on a personal level. I am bringing My justice to those things that need My justice. Do not be shocked when you see obstacles removed by My holy will. 

I will not be mocked for I am the most high God. My agenda will go forward. The enemy or man is no match for Me. I will have My way in the days ahead. It will go down as I said it would. I am bigger than anything that man or the enemy can come up with. I am looking out for what is Mine, and I will prove it in the days ahead. It will be obvious to those who are seeking relationship with Me, and those who are following My ways. 

These are the days of activation, and acceleration. This is My truth that I am speaking over you for I fully intend to follow through with My plans, and purposes that I have spoken over you. Know that you are loved, and My intentions toward you are for your good.


Daddy God 

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