Right now I am moving on your behalf. Right now I am bringing into alignment those things that will break down the barriers that have kept My plans, and purposes from moving forward. Right now I am rebuking those who have stood against My plans, and purposes for My Church, and creation. Right now I am bringing My justice to those who have tried to twist the destiny that I have spoken over My Church, and creation. 

I am out to set your destiny on a true, and straight path. I will do what I have spoken over you both on an individual, and corporate level. I am not only about individuals, but I am also about nations. I am about bringing My justice to those situations that need it at all levels. 

I am the Lord, and I will not be mocked. I am greater than any circumstances or situations that you have in your life or in your nation. I am He who stilled the storms, and spoke peace be still to them . Right now I speak peace to you, My loved ones. Rest in Me for the battle is mine. Yes, I am partnering with you, but you will work from a place of trust, and rest for you will know My heart toward you. You have My full favor over you, and I am more than able to accomplish anything set before Me, for I am the Lord. 

Know that My love for you moves mountains, and My justice is totally fair and complete. I don’t miss things. I know it all, and nothing is hidden from Me. I will do as I said I would do. You have not missed it. Your destiny is on track, and on time. So be at peace, and trust Me to finish the good work that I started in you.


Daddy God

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