The days of togetherness are coming. You are coming into a time where you individually, and corporately will be knitted into the fabric of My Kingdom. You are going to experience a closeness of My spirit that is beyond your expectations. 

Things are going to be revealed that will free you up from your present circumstances, and thinking. I am going to give you freedom to express yourselves as never before. The fear of man, and your circumstances are going to fall off of you like yesterday’s bad news. 

I am preparing you for greatness that will open doors, and gates that have been closed to you. I do this because of who I am, and what I want you to be. This is an expression of My love for you, and the destiny that I have spoken over you. I am taking you to a greatness that will bring down strongholds, and free up those who are seeking Me, and My truth. You are on the threshold of greatness. Do not settle for less, My children. Do not give up or give in. I tell you to press in, and believe for the greatness that I have for you. I have not called you to mediocrity, but I have called you to greatness for you are My people. You have My backing. 

Are you not the sons, and daughters of the Most High God? I am decreeing, and declaring the true nature of My Kingdom over you. You are, and will be, a force to be reckoned with. The days ahead will be filled with awe, and wonder as manifestation after manifestation will come to pass of My glory through My sons, and daughters. You are My “can do generation” for I will certainly do what needs to be done to take you where you need to be to fulfill your destiny. This is My promise to you as your Heavenly Father. So be at peace, and expect the unexpected. 


Daddy God

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