I am about to set things on their ears. How about a full-on full encounter with your Heavenly Father? 

I am going to do things that have never been seen or experienced before by My Church. This is not going to be as it has been. I am going to move in areas that you thought would never happen. The forgotten things that you gave up on in the past. I am going to show up, and show off. It is going to be a game-changer in how My Church operates on all levels. 

I am going to shake up the status quo. I am going to set fire to those things that have no Kingdom value. Your priorities are going to change to come into alignment with Mine. I am going to take My Church to a place she has never been before. A new level of relationship with your God King. 

I will release many things that will bring you into Kingdom alignment. I am going to bring an excellence of heart to My children for the days ahead. It is the time for radical change. I am putting you on a Kingdom course for greatness. I do this for My name and glory! 

Oh, My children, do not be fearful for this must happen to bring about the truth of My word. I want you to know My love, and heart for you has not changed. I have not forgotten My promises, and prophecies that I have spoken over you. I am in the act of acting on these. I will not disappoint you. 

Be of good cheer, and faith My loved ones, for your Heavenly Father is on the move. 


Daddy God

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