Activation! Activation! Activation! These are the words of your Lord God. I am speaking release of those things that will bring My Church into alignment with My Kingdom.

Many of you are asking, When Lord, When?, and I am saying the time is now. I am decreeing, and declaring an activation of those things that I have promised, and spoken over you individually, and corporately. A release of My holy fire will precede this. A cleansing of My Church body will come first for I will have a sanctified, and holy place to release those things that will move you beyond where you are currently. I Am that I Am, and what I have spoken will surely come to pass.

The days ahead will consist of open doors, gates, and portals that no man, nor the enemy can close. I am clearing a path for My Church to follow. Those of you who have waited will wait no more.

My fire is coming, and it will sweep through My body (Church) to cleanse, and sanctify for the days ahead. I will equip you for Kingdom greatness, but My holy fire comes first to bring you into alignment with your assignment. I am going to do this. You can be sure of it.

Change is coming as you have never seen or experienced before. You have My word on it. I do this for your benefit, because My love for you, and My creation is great.


Daddy God

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