I am going to pour out My Spirit as never before. I am bringing healing to My Church. I am raising her up to be all that I have spoken over her. She is My warrior child. She is fierce in her love for Me, and My Kingdom. I will equip her to bring change to those things that run contrary to My Kingdom. She will speak My love, and truth to those who are seeking Me.

It’s time for change, My loved ones. Get ready for an encounter with the Most High God. Your Father, in heaven, is ready to release those things that will propel you into your Kingdom destiny. There will be no more delay. I am going to move as never before.

I am bringing healing in all areas of your lives. Relationships will be restored. Finances, health, and soul issues will be addressed. I am bringing healing to My Body so they can have Kingdom focus. I am removing distractions that have caused delay.

I am moving My Church forward into the destiny that I have for her. This is the time for high hopes, and promises to be fulfilled. I am a God of action. I will move in ways that will amaze, and confound in the days ahead. I do this for the glory, and honor of My name. My word I will keep! Do not grow weary of doing good, My children. Stay the course. Do not give up for I am your champion, and I am your advocate. I will follow through with the promises, and prophecies that I have spoken over you.

Be of good courage, My loved ones, for your Kingdom days are ahead.


Daddy God

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