As the Olympic games have begun, and are progressing so it will be with My Kingdom. I am calling My elite, the cream of the crop, My elect.

I, your Lord, am calling you to higher things. Put on your running shoes. Get ready for Kingdom action. The release that is coming, and in progress, will be a game changer. I am changing things around so that My elect will have what they need to bring My Kingdom as it has never been seen or experienced before. The days of delay, and denial are ending.

I am speaking, and breathing a new spirit over My children. I am taking out those things that have hindered My Church from moving forward. I am speaking new life, and freedom in Christ. Mantles of freedom are being distributed to My elect. I am removing the fear of man, and the enemy from their hearts, and minds.

I am doing a work that will transform My Church into the mighty warrior she is. She will walk in My truth, and authority. She will accomplish all that I have given her to do.

Do not be afraid, My children, for I have spoken a grand destiny over you, and it will be a game changer in the days ahead. I will follow through, and bring all that you need to succeed in the grand destiny that I have set into place for such a time as this.

Trust Me in this, My beloved. Do not sell Me or yourselves short for I see things in you that you do not see. I can, and will do things in you that will truly be a game changer in the days ahead.


Daddy God

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