It has been a time of difficulty, and dryness, but I, your Lord, am about to release things that have been pent up for such a time as this. A flood is coming that will quench the difficulty, and dryness that My children have been experiencing.

I will address the many issues that have confronted My Church both in individual, and corporate areas. I am bringing a spirit of sanctification to My people. I am setting you apart for the greatest assignment that has ever been issued by My Holy Spirit. It is a movement that will shake the foundations of nations. I will move on behalf of My holy name, and for the sake of My Beloved Church, and creation. These are not mere words of wishful thinking. I say what I mean, and I mean what I say!

I am going to do exactly what I have spoken over you on individual, and corporate levels. My justice is coming. It is a cleansing fire that will purge those things that run contrary to My plans, and purposes for My Church, and creation.

I am not going to play nice with the enemy or man who continually run contrary to My agenda in these last days. I am about to shake things like they never have been shaken before. My children, do not be afraid for these things must happen to bring into alignment those things that I have spoken over My Church, and creation.

I have not, and will not forsake those things that I have spoken over you. My word is My bond, and I will surely follow-through with it for My heart is for your ultimate good.


Daddy God

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