I will establish Myself among My people. I am going to move among you as never before. I am removing obstacles, and blockages that have kept you from moving into the destiny I have spoken over you.

You are a chosen people. I have placed you here, at this time and place. My plans, and purposes for you are going forward. The enemy, and man cannot stop Me. I have an agenda that I will surely implement in the coming days for I am the Lord Almighty. You, My children, have not missed it. Stay focused on Me for I am taking you to things, and places that are beyond your expectations or imaginations.

You are called to be My Bride. Your destiny is full of those things that will help you operate as never before. I will give you what you need to move My Kingdom forward. Do not be afraid, My loved ones. Step into a full trust of My plans, and purposes for you. My heart is for your future, and good. Despite what you see going on in, and around you, I will come through for you. Yes, I will shake what needs to be shaken, both in the natural, and in the spirit.

I still stand firmly for true justice, and righteousness. I am the same God of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I have not changed My mind about sin, but I have given My Son, Jesus, to be an advocate, and savior for those who seek Me.

I do love My Church, and creation, and I truly do want the best for you, and them. Trust Me with your future, and let Me be Lord of your life, and know that I am a good God, and My thoughts toward you are for your ultimate good.


Daddy God

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  1. Cathy K says:

    This was so good. I am passing it on. I read them all but I don’t always answer because I know Mark is answering you but I love you and I love these. They sure give me insight and direction in praying. Thank you bunches. Hugs, Cathy & Mark >

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