1. To bring about earlier.  2. To speed up, quicken.

This is a season of quick release. I have opened doors, gates, and portals to enable My saints to access the things of My Kingdom.

Kingdom advancement for the days ahead will be quickened. I, your Lord, have declared, and decreed an open heaven for My children who are focused on Me, and My agenda.

I am releasing things that will change the way you look at your walk with Me. I am drawing you closer to My heart. You will know the heart of your Heavenly Father as you have never known it before. My love for you is beyond your comprehension, but I will pour out My love as you have never known it before.

I will draw you closer, and your focus will change from temporal to eternal for your true destiny is an eternal one, and that is being in the presence of your Heavenly Father forever. My heart is that all would be with Me forever, but I have given My creation a choice to accept Me or not.

The true path is through My Son , Jesus. I sent Him to be that perfect sacrifice that gives My creation a way to have relationship with Me. I am on the move. Things that need to be shaken I will shake. My justice will be applied in the days ahead.

It will not be business as usual for My Church for you are entering into a season of acceleration where you will see Me move in ways you thought were impossible. Get ready to see things move as never before for I have spoken acceleration over you.


Daddy God

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