In the days ahead I, your Lord, am bringing heavenly harmony to My Church.

I am bringing true unity to My Body (Church). Those who are looking to bring My Kingdom to earth, whose hearts are in tune with My agenda.

I am about to release things that will bring a turnabout in the circumstances of My children. I am releasing things that will bring into alignment the destiny that I have spoken over you. You are destined for greatness for the plans, and purposes I have spoken over you both individually, and corporately are of My making.

I am a God of excellence, and I fully intend to have you reflect My heart toward My creation. You are going to be a people of excellence who are going to operate with Kingdom excellence.

My plans for you are beyond any expectations you may have. I am truly doing a new thing, and it is beyond anything you have experienced before. Do not try to define what it should look like, because what I am bringing has not been seen before. I am a creative God, and My ways and thoughts are higher than your ways and thoughts. Trust Me in this, My children, for I truly am bringing a new harmony to My Body. You will be in lockstep with My Holy Spirit in the days ahead. I will lead you to a higher place through My Holy Spirit.

Just rest, and trust in Me, your Lord. Rely on My goodness, and My heart toward you to bring you to a place of heavenly harmony.


Daddy God

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