Despite what you see going on around you, and in your life, I will come through for you. I am a God whose word means exactly what I have spoken. I will follow through with what I have said. I am a God who keeps His word.

The season ahead will be filled with breakthroughs that will change how you operate, and how you see Me. Priorities will be changed. You will go from earthly goals to eternal goals. Your value system will go from temporal to eternal.

You will see things differently in the days ahead as I lead you to a higher place. Trust Me, My children. Do not be afraid to be conformed to My ways, and My agenda for you. Where I am taking you is far greater than anything you could come up with going your own way.

You do not need to strive to make things happen. Let Me do the heavy lifting for you. I have given you a yoke that is easy for you to bear. I want you to trust Me.

Rest in My love for you for My heart is for your ultimate good. I am your Heavenly Father whose ways, and thoughts are higher than your ways, and thoughts. I am taking you to a place of fulfillment in these last days. A harvest of vast proportion is at hand. The fields are ripe for the harvest.

I am activating My Church (Bride) for this harvest in this season. You will see Me move with compassion, and justice in the days ahead for I am a God who loves My creation.


Daddy God

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