Peace to you, My children. I Am that I Am the Prince of Peace, Everlasting Peace, a peace that surpasses all understanding. Do not be dismayed or in fear for I speak My Shalom peace over you. I am taking you to a place of peace in all circumstances. A deep peace, a place of solid certainty of My love for you.

I want you to know My heart toward you. I am out to bring a solid foundation of love, joy, and peace to you despite what you see going on in, and around you. You are My children, and I certainly do have a hope, and a future for you that is beyond anything you could ask for or imagine. All I ask from you is to trust Me in this.

I want you to rest (be in peace), for My heart is for your ultimate good. I did not create you to bring My wrath upon you, but to show My love, peace, and joy to you. My heart is to move you into a place of peaceful contentment in your relationship with Me, your Heavenly Father.

I am out to prove myself to you, My Church, and creation. I am bringing things that will prove My heart toward you. I will also bring My justice to those things that bring harm to My creation. I do this out of love for My creation.

I will continue to shake those things that run contrary to My laws, and precepts, but in this I, your Lord, speak My peace over you. I am your solid rock, a firm foundation, your high tower of peace.

I am about to release a true peace to you for the days ahead. Trust Me, My children, to do this for you.


Daddy God

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