My children, you are in the countdown to Kingdom. The launch sequence has begun, and you are very close to lift-off.

I have called you to higher things, and higher is where I am taking you. The glory days ahead are for those who are sold out to Me, and My agenda. I, your Lord, am taking you to places that will be beyond anything you could ask for or imagine. Be encouraged, My children. Your glory days are at hand. It will be different than what you have experienced in the past.

I am about to release things that will astound and amaze. The world will know that you are Mine. I will manifest in ways that will leave no doubt that there is a God in heaven who has a father’s heart for His creation.

I am into healing the broken hearted the discouraged, the hopeless. I am into relationships. I will restore marriages, and families. I will bring provision on levels never before seen. I will heal the sick, and lame. These are some of the things that I am going to address, but there is much more I am going to do.

My Kingdom will be established on My earth as it is in My heaven. I am the Lord, and My heart is for My creation. Through My Church (Bride), I will accomplish this. They will be, and are My hands, and feet. They will go out, and glorify My name, and accomplish much for My Kingdom.

I love My creation, and My heart is to redeem all that will choose to have Me as their Father God. I sent My son, Jesus, to be the bridge that restores relationship with Me, your creator. I am the truth, the light, and the way to everlasting life.


Daddy God

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