The outpouring of My spirit will be consistent. It will manifest in many different ways and forms. I will bring to bear the resources of My kingdom to those whose hearts are in line with My agenda for My creation. I am going to bring many areas into alignment with My agenda.

I know the hearts, and minds of man both on an individual, and corporate level. I know the hidden agendas of man, and I am going to bring My justice to those agendas to see if they are in line with My agenda.

I am bringing correction to the seven mountains of culture. It will start in My house (church), and work out to the others. You already have seen signs of this manifesting. It is a turnaround time. I will not allow the enemy to continue to block My agenda.

I am the Lord, and My word stands firm, and true. What I have spoken over My children, and creation will surely come to pass. Do not be afraid, My children, for My heart is for your good. My word about these days you are in will come to pass. The days of doing business as usual are over.

I have called you to higher things. Your job is to trust, and rest in Me. Trust Me with your future, and rest in the plans, and purposes I have spoken over your life.

I am a God whose heart is focused on a future, and a hope for My Church, and creation. You are in My good hands if you choose to trust Me, and My plans for your life.


Daddy God

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