I am calling you to a higher place, My beloved. You are in a crossover place. The choice is yours to make. You have nothing to fear for I am your shepherd, and I will lead you to green pastures, and still waters.

As your Lord, and shepherd, it is My heart that you enter into that place. Rest in Me, My beloved, and trust Me to take you to places that will fulfill those empty places within you. It is fulfillment time. Your destiny awaits, but you must choose which kingdom you will serve, Mine or your own.

As your good shepherd I will take you beyond anything that you could accomplish on your own. Where I take you will lead to eternal treasures that will not be burned up like straw, and stubble. Lay up eternal treasures. Do not settle for less. Follow Me, My beloved, for I will take you to places that are beyond your comprehension.

I am committed to your wellbeing, and that comes by following Me for My path is a straight path. It does not come with the pitfalls that come with going your own way. I am the Lord, and My word stands firm forever. What I have spoken will surely come to pass.

In the days ahead you will see proof positive of this. I will move in ways that will amaze, and astound both My Church, and creation. I am out to bring My Kingdom to earth, and so it shall be.


Daddy God

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