The time has come for commitment, My children. My kingdom is on the move, and I am committed to bring what is needed to move My Church into this next season.

I have an agenda, and it is to bring as many as possible into a personal relationship with Me, your Lord. I am going to move in ways that will astound, and touch the hearts, and minds of My Church, and creation. I will prove Myself in many ways that will speak of the reality of My goodness, and My thoughts toward My creation.

I will continue to shake out those things that are not of My kingdom. I will expose the plans, and purposes of the enemy, and those who serve him. I will bring justice to those things that have hindered My Church. I will set forth the destinies of My people, and they will come into fruition. The reality of My kingdom will come into a sharp focus for those who are seeking it.

I have called you to a higher place. Are you willing to commit to My agenda, and where I want to take you? It requires a full surrender of your agendas, and trusting Me to take you beyond anything that you could ask for or imagine. The days of complacency are over.

It’s time, My children, to move forward into your kingdom destinies for they are at hand. Know that you are loved, and My heart is to bring the best to those who are committed to following Me, and My ways.


Daddy God

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