An activation of historical proportions are coming to My Church. This activation is beyond anything My Church has ever experienced before.

I will separate the sheep from the goats. Those who claim to be part of My body, but are not. I know the hearts, and minds of men, and I will not be mocked or used for their selfish ambitions. I will have a Church without spot or wrinkle.

Those who choose to follow Me must be willing to lay down their lives, and agendas. My agenda for My children is beyond anything they could ask or imagine. I want My children to trust Me in this for My heart is for their good, and a destiny that will surpass anything they could do on their own.

Look to Me, My children. Do not rely on things that are straw, and stubble. I am your firm foundation, and in Me you will find your true calling. I have not called you for more of the same, but I am taking you to a whole new level of relationship with Me. I am calling you to new things, for you will need these new things to fulfill the destiny that I have spoken over you. Your job, right now, is to trust Me to bring these new things into your life.

Rest in Me, My beloved, for I am your peace, and provider. I am a faithful God, and what I have spoken over you will come to pass. Hang on. Do not give up for your dawn is on the horizon. I am about to make beauty out of ashes. You will be amazed at what is about to happen. It will be beyond your expectations. Know that you are loved, and I have not forgotten about you.


Daddy God

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