In the days ahead you, My Church, will go where you have not walked before. I am about to pour out My spirit upon you. This will not be as it was before. This outpouring is something that will change the very core of My body (Church). This is a shift that will transcend any movement of My spirit in the past.

I know that many feel like they are at the end of their rope, but hold on My children. Do not despair. Great joy, and recompense are on your horizon. Do not give into the lies of the enemy for I, your Lord, have a great destiny for you, and it is at hand. I know the wait for what I am bringing has been wearing on many of you, but in an instant My spirit of refreshing, and renewal will give you a new hope, and courage to pick up your cross and follow Me.

My plans and purposes for you will be beyond any of your expectations. I will carry out all that I have spoken over you. You will experience all that has been written in your kingdom destiny. I am a God who keeps His word, and you will see this manifest in the coming days.

So be at peace, My children. Rest in Me, and My word. You have not missed it. I have not given up on you. You are still My treasure, and I love you very much. What is about to happen will change the course of nations, and kingdoms. You are about to become the Bride of the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords.


Daddy God

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